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The fifth round of the 2024 MotoE World Championship took place in the cathedral of speed in Assen, Holland, on the historic TT circuit.

Kevin Manfredi, recovering from an injury suffered at Mugello in the previous round of the Italian Championship, nevertheless took to the track at Assen with a great desire to race.

After passing the medical checks carried out before and after each test session, the Spezzino driver was declared fit for the Dutch GP.

The weekend was anything but easy on a physically demanding track. Even though only one arm was at 100% of his capacity, Kevin took to the track with the intent of gaining precious points for the Championship. In fact, he managed to climb from 17th position on the starting grid to conquer a surprising TOP 10.

Kevin: “I gritted my teeth all weekend and suffered in silence. I still wanted to do what I love most and show that I don't want to give up. I'm sure that every little sacrifice will be repaid. Obviously, I didn't want to compromise the rest of the season, so I spoke with the doctors during each visit. After the first session, in which I couldn't brake and make changes in direction, I was undecided whether to continue. However, I thought it was right to do it to try not to lose confidence with the bike and to adapt to my physical deficit without taking risks. If I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have brought home 10th position in race 1 and the overall points between race 1 and race 2, which allow me to still be fighting for a good position in the final classification."

Kevin Manfredi leaves Assen with a 10th and 15th place, less than a week before the German GP, ​​which promises to be another physically demanding weekend. From Monday, the Spezzino will resume physiotherapy and recovery sessions together with his DB Trainer trainer to further improve in view of the 8h of Suzuka.

Kevin thanks all the sponsors and technical partners of the 2024 season.

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