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The Italian GP, ​​which has just finished on the Mugello international circuit, was not a positive weekend.

In Friday's qualifying the Spezzino did not go beyond the 13th time, as on his first flying lap the rain that suddenly fell slowed down his race, preventing him from directly entering Q2, his main objective and within his reach.

In race 1, during the first lap of the race at Casanova-Savelli, a very fast point on the circuit, Kevin's bike went high side at over 160 km/h, causing him to have a bad fall.

After him, another rider crashed disastrously, causing a red flag which caused the race to be suspended and then postponed until 6.40pm.

Checks began for Kevin at the medical center, which found the presence of a fractured rib and several abrasions.

However, this did not prevent him from appearing on the grid in race 2, in which, even if he was unable to go beyond 14th place, despite the conditions, he still managed to bring home other points and this was really important both for him and for the team.

Kevin: “We were fast in practice and a bit unlucky. These are not the positions we want to play for yet, but in the race, without the crash, we would certainly have been able to have our say. Racing is also this, falls are part of the game. However, I am happy to have completed the two races for all my sponsors and technical partners. I can't wait to start next weekend, in which I will be busy with the 8h of Spa Francorchamps, and I want to get there in the best possible way to have fun in the saddle and do well."

Kevin Manfredi therefore leaves Mugello with a handful of flies and a bit of pain, but new challenges await him on the track and his determination does not make him lose his enthusiasm.

Another three busy weeks await him, divided between the World Endurance Championship in Belgium, the Italian Speed ​​Championship at Mugello and the MotoE in Assen.

Kevin thanks all the sponsors and technical partners of the 2024 season.



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