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The third round of the 2024 MotoE World Championship took place on the Montmeló Circuit in Catalunya, which saw Kevin Manfredi from La Spezia take to the track again astride the Ducati V21L of the SiC58 Squadra Corse.

The cheering from the public in the stands warmed up the intense racing weekend, demonstrating great support and passion for all the drivers present on the track.

On Friday Catalano Kevin was very fast in both free practice and qualifying, finishing practice in 11th position just 0.5 tenths from pole position and coming close to qualifying two by just 0.1 tenths with a P3.

Kevin: “We knew that the Barcelona circuit wasn't in my favor, last year I struggled a lot here, but I'm satisfied because I gave my all on the bike and that's what counts.

Compared to 2023, I improved my qualifying lap by over 1.7 seconds, so a good leap forward, but this category is really competitive and is always a lottery.

In the two races on Saturday I wanted to do well but starting 11th and with such a tight group it was really difficult to be able to improve further in the race, where I finished 11th in race one and 10th in race two not far from the 6th position that they fought for the two world champions of the category, Torres and Ferrari.

The step taken on this circuit will however be important for the home GP which will take place this weekend at Mugello.”

Kevin concludes the third round of the MotoE World Championship of the season with a new top 10 and other points earned, arriving at Mugello just 16 points from the top 5 in the Championship.

It will be important for the Spezzino to do well on the Tuscan circuit, perhaps just like he did in 2023 where he achieved his first podium in the MotoGP.

Kevin thanks all the sponsors and technical partners of the 2024 season.



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